The series began in July 2007 shortly after finishing my last “Cigar Box” construction entitled “Selma”. I felt it was time to begin a new direction and found that I was drawn to sketches of earlier constructions that related to my paintings. My last painting was done in 1992 and at that time the constructions were a natural progression and evolved as they did. I worked on constructions in my Glenville, NY (Albany area) studio for 2 years until I relocated to the Philadelphia area. When I did resume work I did not continue with what I had done in Glenville but an entirely different direction that eventually brought me to the Cigar Box Series from 1999 to 2007.

All of these abstract new NYC works are spontaneous using wood scraps as a beginning and letting shapes dictate the process. Then I choose color and or texture and assemble a finished piece. I decided to name the series, The New York City Series and title specific places that I have visited over the years. All the places were of fond memories and I proceeded to list 30 some places using them as titles and then one by one create a new construction. The titles have absolutely no relationship to the visual work except to chronologically catalogue each work.