My paintings are based on various presentations of a “free form” image that looks similar to marble. I have been painting in this direction since 1972 and have done several series, some on a square or rectangular format and others are of a geometric shaped canvas.

Before I begin a painting, I do a series of sketches and then select one that I want to paint. The sketch is a quick idea that I may want to explore further and need to document in the sketch book. I may elaborate on further sketches and new series may evolve from these sketches. The actual painting layout on the canvas changes from the sketch in terms of composition and the relationship of colors, forms and shapes.

I want the paintings to work in two ways: first as an overall composition of shapes, forms and colors and then second to draw the viewer closer to examine the swirls and intricacies of the forms and colors of the free form.


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SUNNYSIDE SERIES | 2015 – 2017

ABBY ROSE SERIES | 2015 – 2016