Artist Statement:

I call these artworks “Constructions” because I construct or build them. The very first ones began (1980) in my studio in Springfield, MA. I did these between paintings. Sometimes, I drew up prior sketches and used canvas as part of the construction. These were born out of a necessity to be tactile in the process of hammering, sawing, drilling, etc. I needed to be more physical than just applying paint on canvas. There was satisfaction in building something.

Over the years, various directions were experimented with. I usually came back to painting at some point because I missed the “painting experience”. The works below are a pause from my Andromeda Series of combines where I completed #57 in April 2022.

The Ontario Series, which began in April, is totally different from the Andromeda Series. Andromeda were free-spirited and spontaneous. I consider I just paused from them for now.  The Ontario Series is contemplated before beginning and much fun. More architectural I think. They read from top to bottom.

I thoroughly enjoy making them. “Visual Treats”.


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ONTARIO SERIES | Work in Progress